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Gleespam (or "I need a new Glee icon")

I loved this episode so much. But please remind me never to make a picspam, ever again!

...Seeing someone getting mauled by a herd of crazed, bruised-necked, Nuttymadam-esque Team Edward and -Jacob fans has GOT to be one of the best episode openers in the history of the world. And then Principal Figgins proves himself to be the most incompetent principal to ever grace the surface of the planet, and Tina is caught in the midst of it. Once again, a member of staff's insanity has profound effects on the students.

As Tina tries to adjust to the new non-gothic regime, Rachel walks in like a Pantene advert and tells the group that Vocal Adrenaline will be performing -- gasp! -- Gaga at regionals! Mercedes and Kurt are appalled, whereas Puck, in true Puck fashion, doesn't understand what's so cool about "this Gaga dude". Kurt defends Gaga by explaining that she "changes her look faster than Brit changes sexual partners" (truly a difficult thing to achieve). I kinda like how Brit is portrayed as a slut, but without the judging and "OMG SHE'S A HO LOL". Everyone seems to kind of... accept it? Okay, I'll stop now. Mr Shue assigns Gaga to the group and everyone is super excited, except the boys.

And now we interrupt your programme for a special picspam of OMFG SANTANA IS SO HOT the Obligatory Showy Number. OF COURSE Brit gets the lobster getup! Rachel walks in with her "my dads stapled this together" costume and Brit smirks through her lobster claws and Santana is SO PROUD AND DOTING. GOD. Mercedes looks like she had Mickey Mouse implants on her shoulders and then stole Minnie's ears for good measure, and Quinn just looks hot, as always. Kurt defies the laws of awesome (and physics) by wearing a pair of Alexander McQueen's Armadillo shoes from S/S 10, with extra sequins.

OK, confession: I kind of adore Tina, because I'm pretty damn sure that the actress is nothing like this IRL, and she does the "I'm pretending to be a shy girl who pretends to be BADASS" so well. Just look at her in that bubble costume and ridiculous wig, pulling the "I'm Gaga and I'm awesome" faces! And omg I think my ears imploded when I heard that Santana solo. Why so gorgeous and talented? And even Quinn had a little part! Long gloves have never looked so good. I just hope she doesn't get a miscarriage from all that gyrating.

I defy anyone not to feel for Rachel and Shelby this ep. Idina is mind-bogglingly talented at... well, everything, and Rachel is so vulnerable and upset and hopeful and confused (and thirsty), and it's heartbreaking. I feel that this was really well handled, you could almost feel Rachel's yearning for her mum and Shelby's sadness at this whole affair. I don't even mind that the time-space continuum seems to warp a lot in this ep (Shelby fashioned a couture dress for Rachel in what, ten minutes?!) because I'm crying so much. Cause like Shelby said, "I'm your mother, but I'm not your mom". That hug really killed me. You saw Lea's face go from :D to :/ to D: and it was so full of emotion and Lea played the fragile 16-year-old to perfection, because Rachel's still a kid inside.

And that was the most freaking beautiful rendition of Poker Face ever, even though I don't even understand why they chose that song (didn't Gaga write anything sober and melancholy?). Lea and Idina are amazingly talented. Look at Rachel's face! She's so amazingly happy because she's singing with her mum, and when it's over all that happiness just vanishes. :(

Do you know what else is sad? Quinn crying.

Like every moronic high-school boyfriend ever, Puck decides that it would be a good idea to name his baby daughter "Jack Daniels". Quin retaliates that this would be unecessary since she's giving her away so that Puck can be a rock star. It really affects Puck and he later sings to Quinn that he doesn't want to be a rock star, he just wants to be with her and his kid and asks her if she'll let him be there when the baby is born and to name her Beth (after the song). It's so amazingly sweet and so realistic and well-acted. Puck has a lot of difficulties expressing himself but unlike Finn he isn't afraid of saying what he truly feels. And that's why I ship Quinn/Puck!

Meanwhile, Tina, inspired by the Gaga assignment, confronts the vampire-theist Figgins in full costume and fangs. The whole scene is gold and is worth repeating in full:

Tina: My dad, he's the king of the vampires, and Asian vampires are the most vicious of all the vampires. You're going to let me wear my lady-demon clothes or my dad will fly into your bedroom and bite your face off. He's REALLY pissed. Is that what you want?

Figgins: ...No I don't want that I'm afraid.

Tina: Good. I'm glad we had this talk. Now I have to go back to my coffin because the light is burning my eyes.

...who writes this stuff?? And props for the Twilight bashing. There can never be enough Twilight bashing (apparently Tina's mum thinks that Kristen Stewart is a bitch). Where are all the Asian vampires in Twilight anyway?

Kurt and Finn have had a really bad day. Both were persecuted for the flashy costumes/makeup they wore for their Glee assignment, and even though it was painful to watch it was so true that it really struck a chord with me. This is exactly the kind of thing that real-life homophobes would say. People who are so insecure about themselves that they have to control and demean other people to make sense of their world. See, they pushed Finn, and Finn pushed back -- against Kurt. Being Finn, he couldn't hold himself together in the face of all that hostitlity -- he's just a confused teenager -- and snapped in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Burt is such a good father. And he's right, there's hate in Finn, but that hate doesn't come from him. Remember the episode where he took Rachel to visit his quadriplegic friend? Finn lost himself for a moment, but that moment was quashed at once by Burt. You could see how much Finn regretted it, and wished he could take it back. But Burt has got a point, and Kurt's face broke my heart :(

Thankfully, Finn redeems himself coming to Kurt's rescue while wearing a shower curtain vinyl replica Atsuko Kudo dress and glittery superhero makeup. The pose, the red eyeshadow were all very superheo-y, and I liked that about Finn. He clearly felt so sorry for what he had done and wanted to prove to Kurt that he was proud of who Kurt was and who he was and was willing to stand up for it. Brilliant. And the rest of the Glee club came to the rescue, too (did I mention that I loved Lea's second outfit?!). The end of the episode was great, with Kurt and Finn poking each other's sleeves.

I think that this episode had so many great things in it. It's about knowing who you are and being proud of it and accepting others for that too, whether they show it outwardly or not. And Kurt, Burt and Tina had a lot of awesome scenes. Sue and Emma weren't too conspicuous in their absence, which is high praise indeed! We do need some Emma/Will resolution though, they've been screwed over so badly. And Quinn needs more scenes!

Only one more episode before the finale, I'm so torn! On the one hand: it'll be awesome. On the other: no more Glee for ages D:
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