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True Blood was excellent, as always.

The Bill/Sam totally caught me off-guard, especially since I had read the rumour online yesterday... so I was basically thinking "NO WAY... THEY WOULDN'T... BUT THE SPOILER SAID... OMG THEY'RE TOTALLY GONNA -- OMG IT WAS A DREAM" and burst out laughing in relief. Sam/Bill is almost as bad as Sam/Tara! The only thing that freaked me out was the whole Jessica thing... you'd think that being a vampire would override the guilt of killing something for food, and I didn't get why she didn't just go to Bill as soon as he called her. Also, Bill feeding off a centenarian (and then glamouring her) = ew. I'd forgotten how awesome Pam was... please, universe, do not let this happen again. ROFL Eric was banging the same person for six hours straight?! I'm more awed by the girl than by him. Also, who allowed Evan Rachel Wood to commit that crime against trousers?! She's the Queen of Louisiana, you'd think she could afford a little better than harem pants. Broke Queen scorned, she sure is! Also, the werewolves sucked :(

Still, the episode was good. It wasn't exactly awesome but it all made sense and was funny to boot. I'm holding back on reading book 3 of the Sookie Stackhouse series so as not to spoil myself but I've read the first two and they were really good. I kinda was annoyed at how Sookie was better than basically everyone in Bon Temps, but in the end she was tough and knows how to save herself. She and Bill really had that bipolar thing going though. I think I wouldn't mind if she ended up with Eric.

Doctor Who, what can I say? The Van Gogh and lodger!Doctor episodes were just so good, for utterly different reasons. Expect some icons in the (far) future... Not ecstatic about the return of River, I much preferred it when she wasn't over-acting and basically knowing tons of stuff that no one else knew. Is it too much to wish for for the plot *not* to revolve around her? It gets boring real quick :/

While I was away and not posting, I watched the two seasons of Dollhouse, which was so much fun. I loved Whedon's run on X-Men (no I haven't watched Buffy) and the concept was so great. I don't regret the lack of a season 3 at all. Everything fell into place. I kinda loved Topher/Adelle! I wish there'd been more of a clue about Boyd (heel-face turn much?!) and more about Alpha too (he just... suddenly became a good guy?), but still. Some TV shows are just great the way they are. (But seriously, bring back Seeker. There can never be too much Cara.)

Oh and Glee finale. Incredible. It *actually* made me wish that New Directions would win! But Vocal Adrenaline really deserved it. It just felt horrible to watch, seeing how crushed ND would be, but knowing in your heart that they are just SO AWESOME. Anyway Will/Emma returns after basically disappearing for the whole half season... and Quinn can finally get rid of that baby. I didn't like how she was basically only in the show because of her baby :/ Great to hear that her family's seen the error of its ways though (or at least her mum).

Argh how will I survive a whole week without naked!Eric?!
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