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The Big Bang Picspam: Part One

I guess you could call this my magnum opus of picspams. I used over 370 hand-capped pictures, hand-coloured every block (and often individual pics in each block), and wrote down the quotes from listening to the episode.

What can I say about The Big Bang? It was epic on a deeply personal scale. It was terribly moving and funny and sad. I'll let the episode speak for itself, but I think many Who fans converted to the Moffat cause when they watched this episode. I hope my spam does it justice!

Eleven refers to the Doctor as played by Matt Smith, Amy refers to adult Amy Pond as played by Karen Gillan, Amelia refers to small Amy as played by Caitlin Blackwood.

Amelia Dear Santa, thank you for the dolls, and pencils, and the fish. It’s easter now, so I hope I don’t wake you. But, honest, it is an emergency. There’s a crack in my wall. Aunt Sharon says it’s just an ordinary crack, but I know it’s not cause at night, there’s voices. So please, please, could you send someone to fix it.

Teacher What do you see, Amelia?
Amelia The Moon.
Teacher And what else?
Amelia Just the dark.

Teacher It’s quite common, actually. Throughout history, people have talked about stars in the sky. God knows where it comes from.
Aunt Sharon I just don’t want her growing up and joining one of those Star Cults. I don’t trust that Richard Dawkins.

Amy Okay, kid. This is where it gets complicated.

Rory So the universe ended. You missed that. In 102 AD. Suppose this means you and I never get born at all. Twice in my case. You would’ve laughed at that.

Eleven You need to get me out of the Pandorica.
Rory But you’re not in the Pandorica.
Eleven Yes I am. Well I’m not now, but I was back then. Well, back now from your point of view which is back then from my point of view. Time travel, you can’t keep it straight in your head.

Eleven Me from the future. I’ve got a future, that’s nice.

Eleven All of creation has just been wiped from the sky. D’you know how many lives now never happened, all the people who never lived? Your girlfriend isn’t more important than the whole universe.
Rory She is to me!
Eleven Ha ha! Welcome back Rory Williams! Sorry, had to be sure. Hell of a gun–arm you’re packing there... ahem, right, we need to get her downstairs! Take that look off your plastic face, you’re getting married in the morning.

Amelia Are you all right? Who are you?
Amy I’m... fine, I’m supposed to... rest. Gotta rest, the Doctor says.
Amelia What doctor?
Amy He’s in here. Left a message in my head like I’m an answerphone.

Eleven Two thousand years, Rory, you won’t even sleep, you’ll be conscious every second, it would drive you... mad.
Rory Will she be safer if I stay? Look me in the eye and tell me she wouldn’t be safer.
Eleven Rory, you—
Rory Answer me!
Eleven Yes. Obviously.
Rory Then how could I leave her?
Eleven Why do you have to be so... human?
Rory Because right now, I’m not.

Voice over There are eyewitness accounts from the night of the fire, of a figure in Roman dress carrying the box from the flames. Since then there have been no sightings of the lone centurion, and many have speculated that if he ever existed, he perished in the fires of that night, performing one last act of devotion to the box he had pledged to protect for nearly two thousand years.
Amy Rory... oh, Rory.

Dalek Drop the device!
Eleven It’s not a weapon, scan it, it’s not a weapon, and you don’t have the power to waste!
Dalek Scans indicate intruder unarmed.
Rory D’you think?

Rory I’m sorry, I’m sorry I couldn’t help it, it just happened.
Amy Oh, just shut up.

Eleven So—two thousand years, how did you do?
Rory Kept out of trouble.
Eleven Oh. How?
Rory Unsuccessfully. The mop! Er, that’s how you looked, all those years ago when you gave me the sonic.
Eleven Ah, well, no time to lose then.

Rory We can’t leave you here dead.
Eleven Oh good, are you in charge now? So tell me, what are we going to do about Amelia?
Amy Where’d she go?
Rory Amelia!
Eleven There is no Amelia, from now on there never was. History is still collapsing.
Amy How can I still be here when she’s not?
Eleven You’re an anomaly, we all are. We’re all just hanging on in the eye of the storm. But the eye is closing, and if we don’t do something fast, reality will never have happened. Today, just dying is a result. Now come on!

Eleven Like I said, I’m looking for an exploding Tardis.
Rory But that’s the Sun.
Eleven Is it? Well here’s the noise that sun is making, right now. That’s my Tardis burning up. That’s what’s been keeping the Earth warm.
Rory Doctor, there’s something else. There’s a voice.
Amy I can’t hear anything.
Rory Trust the plastic.

Eleven Hi, honey. I’m home.
River And what sort of time do you call this?

River Right then, I have questions. But number one is this: what in the name of sanity have you got on your head?
Eleven It’s a fez, I wear a fez now. Fezes are cool.

Eleven Relight the fire. Reboot the universe. Come on!
River Doctor, you’re being completely ridiculous! The Pandorica partially restored one Dalek. If it can’t even reboot a single life form properly, how is it going to reboot the whole of reality?
Eleven What if we give it a moment of infinite power? What if we can transmit the light from the Pandorica into every particle of space and time simultaneously?
River Well that would be lovely, dear, but we can’t, because it’s completely impossible.
Eleven Ah, no, you see, it’s not. It’s almost completely impossible.

River You go to the Doctor. I’ll be right with you.
Dalek You will be exterminated!
River Not yet. Your systems are still restoring, which means your shield density is compromised. One Alpha Mezon burst through your eyestalk would kill you stone dead.
Dalek Records indicate you will show mercy. You are an associate of the Doctor.
River I’m River Song. Check your records again.
Dalek ...Mercy!
River Say it again?
Dalek Mercy!
River One more time.
Dalek Mercy!

Amy But he was dead.
River Who told you that?
Amy He did.
River Rule one: the Doctor lies.
Amy Where’s the Dalek?
River It died.

River He’s wired the Vortex Manipulator to the rest of the box.
Amy Why?
River So he can take it with him. He’s going to fly the Pandorica into the heart of the explosion.

(Part two is here.)
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