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HOLY CRAP (small spoiler for glee)

DID GLEE JUST TOTALLY BASH TWILIGHT THIS WEEK?!?! Dude, way to make my year (and break my heart, Rachel and Quinn had some intense scenes)!! I may just have to picspam this ep, so watch this space.

♥ you guys -- sorry about the spoiler.

Edit And can we talk about Angel's outfit at the Welsh BAFTAs? Maybe I've just been reading too many "Go Fug Yourself" posts...

Okay, see this seemed like *such* a good idea in practise. Just look at this:

Radiant, right? Looks a teeny bit tight around the bust but her boobs look awesome, so whatevs.

And then I saw the other side, and I was like... "Giant hair grip? Hmm... well, she *could* pull it off..." Not to mention that the top of the dress really does seem like it must pinch.

And then I saw the full picture and I was like... "That is seriously not flattering." The necklace seems to choke her, the bust is way too tight and is doing weird things to her boobs, and the flare is doing nothing for her hips (or legs). The bust reminds me a lot of Katie's blue mini by Miu Miu. In fact, I wonder if the strapless mini was the right choice, since Angel isn't super-thin like Kirsten Dunst or Rose McGowan (who both wore the same blue Miu Miu as well), and that kind of dress wouldn't suit Angel since it wasn't cut for her shape.

But all this is stepping around the elephant in the room, namely her SHOES. I think that a massive pair of heels could have gone a long way towards fixing the damage of the dress; but instead Angel chose shoes that resemble a pair of old slippers with bobbles on them??

Maybe it's just the angle of the picture... we'll have to get higher-res ones to see. But I remain doubtful. At least from the neck up, Angel looks flawless. She never falls into the trap of wearing strange make-up, and I have to applaud her for that.

Edit More pics have been found and I think it confirms my suspicions. The dress isn't *as* unflattering as the previous pic would suggest, but it still is a little tight round the chest. The angle makes Angel look much prettier. However, the shoes are yucky :(

And... now I feel middle-aged xD
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