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OH MY GOD!!! It really has to be sad that the only reason I'm posting here is because of Merlin, but somehow, the fact that the show is getting good again has given me new reason to blog!


I saw the caps over at Katiemcgrath fans and... ARTHUR/MORGANA, HUGGING, TALKING TO EACH OTHER!!!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE SAYING BUT THE HOTNESS/UNEXPECTEDNESS IS KILLING ME... never oh never have I expected Johnny Capps to be *that* twisted (lol kicking Morgana out of S2 because of Gwen and then getting her and Arthur back together in S3, WHO COULD HAVE EXPECTED IT????) BUT WHO CARES?????? I now know what it feels like to be a shipper whose wreck has been miraculously restored by the Powers above. It feels like every fic, every second you've spent thinking about them IS COMING TRUE! Akjehfrkejhfkejh!!!!

Okay, I'm staying calm. I mean, JCapps has U-turned twice, no reason he won't again. BUT -- I'm trying to stay optimistic. I just want this one season. (And hey, if we're going to alternate between G/A and A/Mor... that's a good idea too!) It almost makes me feel better about being stuck in France and unable to access iPlayer -- who I am kidding, this is TORTURE. I NEED KATIE, KATIE/BRADLEY, BRADLEY, ARTHUR, MORGANA AND ARTHUR/MORGANA IN MY LIFE NAO.

Oh dear. It really has been too long.
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