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a rose by any other name

I could but see them/Pass like coloured shadows, thinner than filmy glass

About me
Female, 16, United Kingdom. Just another normal girl with a passion for writing, which is my primary method of expression. I can be extremely naive to the hilarity of my peers, yet at the same time I can at times be very cynical and negative. Though I know little about the world people say I am mature and that I look older than my years. I love to laugh and simple things make me happy. At the moment I feel like breaking free and going about the world by myelf, but that won't happen for a few years yet. I love flowers, animals, baroque music, reading and my computer. I have an extremely critical aesthetic taste which basically means that I am very rarely impressed, especially with my own work. I have a defective sense of smell but a strong sense of taste and sensitive hearing. Strong tastes and loud background noise are the bane of my life. Rupert Brooke is one of my favourite poets.
There are waters blow by changing winds to laughter
And lit by rich skies, all day.
The things I fall in love with are often the things I rarely do; for example, horseriding, painting, visiting France, swimming, playing the harp. That characterises my fandom tastes as well, so I have a preference for the fantasy, supernatural, and, of course, Disney movies. My fandoms in no particular order are (more to come as I remember them): Merlin, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, His Dark Materials, Harry Potter, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Artemis Fowl, Doctor Who...
My journal is at the moment fully public. If you are likeminded or enjoy the same things as I do, please friend. One theory of altruism states that friends help each other because friends are two individuals who can coexist symbiotically. I am an idealist and thinks that the whole world should be this way. If you agree drop a comment somewhere! I love to talk about (squee, despair of) my fandoms and I love to read fanfiction by others. I also love different types of classical and modern music (though my preference for the latter is restricted to pieces with a tune). I am also fluent in French, if you would like to converse in other languages :)
I get graphics from a variety of sources, mainly fansites such as Scarlett-Fan, Katie-McGrath, Natalie Dormer.org or Kirsten Images. For stock I use Flickr, Fotocommunity, Osculations, Foto decadent and Deviantart. I use colourings based off those posted in Icon coloring and Icon extras. Brushes and textures come from Deviantart, CDG brushes, Iiokua, Jadedreality, Masterjinn, Ianthinus, Celestial Star, 77words, Discolore, Cauldroncake, Colorfilter, Seafoam, Salt 'n Burn, Lookslikerain, and Moargh.de. I have also got textures and brushes from other sites which are not valid urls anymore, so if you recognise your work please drop a line (likewise if I have incorrectly named/linked you).
Credits & Links
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